The Human Body, the most advanced factory – the real big data

Since mankind was self aware we seek to understand how the human body and functions work and how the soul is integrated in the whole system. It has taken in the early days of earth to now to optimize the factory and develop higher function, which

we like to call consignees, brain, and social empathy. The human ecosystem in in essence a factory. In numbers, every day around 20 Billions of cells will be replaced by new ones out of the 10.000 Billions we have. This means that each 10 years your body is rebuild. This cost energy in addition we also loose energy, around 50 to 360 Watt for keeping the factory running. By the way most fitness relevant trackers take this in consideration. On a daily basis this will add up to around 2,9 kWh. In the case of heavy work or sports this will go up of course.

Comparing the DataCenter with our body, we will find astonishing parallelism, like the nerve system and the network, like the blood and the power, like the heating and cooling. This comes from the same physics we and the DC act in. If we dig into that, we will see that the nature has solved most of the demands with much more creativity. Also we find dedicated systems, which autonomous action to keep the fabric running. I think on the limbic system

EMC DC Durham

EMC DC Durham

and our ability to react on external wounds without having a big escalation. Root cause is done on the fly for the minor issues.

A little more details on this fascinating comparison you can read in the next episodes:

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